Dolní Vltavice lives

„Dolní Vltavice lives” is the name of the 3-D project – reconstruction of the original village Dolní Vltavice. Dolní Vltavice experienced a turbulent history, including the expulsion of the German and Austrian population after WW2 and the subsequent flooding by the waters of Lipno. The project “Dolní Vltavice lives” is a small contribution to the reconciliation of peoples and a reminder for future generations. Our children and grandchildren have to know that under the waves of Lipno “stones with face sleep forever …” This video is especially for contemporaries of  Dolní Vltavice before flooding by the dam Lipno, for experts from the ranks of historians and chroniclers, and for all who are interested in the history of Dolní Vltavice, determined.

Published on: 10/05/2016  -  Filed under: News